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Accommodations at The Carrington



Modern facilities offer private and semi-private rooms with bathrooms, with adjustable heating and air conditioning controls for individual comfort.  Living rooms, dining rooms, activity rooms, courtyards, and plenty of space for walking and entertainment provide residents opportunities to socialize or meet privately with family and friends.  Residents may bring their own television and radios – we provide the cable at no extra cost.  The family may arrange for newspaper and personal telephone services, but The Carrington does provide a phone for resident use.  The Carrington provides full housekeeping with linen and personal laundry services.

We are proud of our safety features, such as emergency nurse call buttons at each bed and bath, smoke sensors and sprinklers, and doors with alarms.  Our fire-safety is directly linked to a 24 hour/day staffed monitoring center to ensure 911 crews are alerted immediately in case of fire or other disasters.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


The recreational and social opportunities offered are a large component of the rehabilitation program, as well as making the difference in each resident’s quality of life.  The therapeutic activities program is designed to help restore residents’ physical, spiritual, and mental abilities, while bringing laughter and daily diversion into their lives.

The Carrington offers a restorative exercise program designed to keep muscles limber and strong, so that residents may retain their range of motion and individual level of independence.  There are also courtyards, garden spaces, and plenty of room for residents to walk around as they exercise or socialize.


Our health care support provides on-call physicians for any emergency, consulting podiatrists providing on-site care, 24-hour pharmacy services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Therapy and Rehab



Our team of therapists handles our skilled and long-term residents' occupational, speech, and physical therapy needs.  The Carrington now offers in-house therapy, which provides the same team of professional individuals, who use a hands-on approach that builds rapport and relationships with residents to ensure they meet their maximum potential. Our therapists can also do house visits prior to residents' discharges to ensure that the home environment is safe and conducive to the ongoing needs of patients as they transition back home.

Beauty Shop


Our on-site beautician comes once a week and does not leave until every request for hair services has been fulfilled.  Our hair salon is also available upon request for those who have their own visiting hair stylist.  Prices vary by the type of services provided and are posted outside of the beauty shop.  

Our Staff


We take great pride in the qualified and skilled professionals who serve our residents.  From our administrative and nursing staff to our maintenance and housekeeping personnel, these individuals represent high standards of preparation and performance.


The Carrington family of employees receives regular training to keep their skills fresh and up-to-date.  Dedicated, caring nurses and certified nursing assistants work around the clock to meet residents’ medical needs, and the Medical Director regularly visits to monitor the provision of health care services.  The carefully trained dietary staff compliments the health care program by providing nutritious meals and supplements to meet the individual nourishment needs of each resident.  The Carrington also has a full-time activity director who incorporates daily activities tailored to each resident’s therapeutic needs, physical abilities, personal interests, and religious faiths.


The Carrington provides consistent staffing so that you will have the same caregivers on a routine basis…you will get to know them and, more importantly, they get to know you and your preferences to anticipate your needs.  We encourage family involvement and our management team has an open-door policy so that any special need may be addressed immediately.


Families are especially impressed with The Carrington Care Plan Team.  Our nursing, social services, activities, and dietary directors meet regularly to review each resident’s needs and develop an ongoing individualized plan of care.  The social worker and nursing staff also provide discharge planning for residents who recover and can return home or transfer to another level of care.

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