Our facility is currently compromised due to coronavirus.


Q.) What steps are The Carrington taking to protect residents from Coronavirus?

A.) We are taking all resident's temperatures daily and checking for fevers or signs of illness.  Every day, all employees answer questions related to travel and illness, are washing hands immediately upon entry to the building and throughout the day, and are checked for fever.  Employees who suspect they may have had any exposure to Coronavirus are prevented from entering the building until they are determined to be safe to do so.  We have also implemented a visitor restriction preventing all visitors, including volunteers, from entering the facility.  In addition, at this time, we have followed the CDC's recommendation to cancel group activities and communal dining.

Q.) If there is no communal dining, what about my loved one that needs assistance at meals?

A.) We are implementing space for residents who need fed or cued to have safe social distancing within the dining rooms so that they may receive the assistance that best meets their needs.


Q.) What if family has been doing the laundry?  Can we come get/drop off the laundry?

A.) During the visitor restriction, The Carrington prefers to do all the laundry and will offer it to these families complementary (unless under private pay status).  If there is a reason why family must do it at home (such as skin sensitivities to detergents) we will exchange the laundry at the front porch.  We advise this to be done between 8-4:30 or to call ahead.

Q.) Can we bring items to residents?

A.) If the items are necessary to the welfare of the resident (pull ups, hearing aid batteries, etc.), then we can meet families at the front porch for these items to be dropped off.  Call ahead to receive administrative approval on necessary items.  As we need to sanitize items coming into the building, please be mindful of what items are truly needed.  Please send cards or care packages through the mail rather than dropping them off to the building, as we will not be able to accept unapproved drop offs.

Q.) How can we connect with out loved ones during the visitor restriction?

A.) Send cards and care packages through the mail.  Ask your friends and churches to send cards of encouragement.  Call and ask staff to take the cordless phone to your loved one so you can talk to them on the phone.  Call the activities or social service departments to schedule a time to Skype or Face Time with your loved ones.  If you would like to see your loved one through the hall window or their room window, please call ahead so staff can plan to assist you and your loved ones.  The windows do need to remain closed during your visit to prevent possible exposure of COVID-19, as people may be contagious even without symptoms.  We suggest using a whiteboard to assist in communicating with your loved ones.

Q.) How long before the visitor restriction is over?

A.) While we hope it will not last long, it is difficult to predict exactly how long this safety measure will need to be in effect.

Q.) Will you let families know if there is a case of COVID-19 at The Carrington?

A.) Yes, we will make all necessary notifications based on current regulations.

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