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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Carrington have a doctor on staff?

Yes, The Carrington has a doctor that visits weekly to follow the needs and progress of residents.  The doctor is always available to the nurses by phone or fax as well.  The Carrington also has an RN level nurse in the building at all times.

May residents smoke at the facility?

No, we are a non-smoking facility, except for those residents who were grandfathered in.

What do I need to know about Medicaid?

Some questions to ask about Medicaid include where, when, and how to apply; what happens with joint accounts; what the money can be spent on; how much money can be kept after getting approved; and how to handle the sale of the home.  For more information on Medicaid, visit

What is the staff to resident ratio?

Our ratio of CNAs to residents averages 1:10.

What is The Carrington's care rating?

The Carrington has an impressive 4 star care rating.

Is there a private room available?

The Carrington has a limited number of private rooms, and they are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you have a psychiatrist or psychologist?

We have a psychologist that comes in to counsel residents once referred, as well as a psychiatric nurse practitioner that helps monitor medications.

What should I know about laundry?

Please label all clothes, even if you plan to do your loved one's laundry.  You may ask laundry to use a label press if desired.  Please remove all items from pockets before clothes are sent to laundry.  Due to the high volume of laundry, staff is not able to check pockets.

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