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This site has been created, in order to give the employees of The Carrington, access to new educational information that will enhance our efforts to provide great quality of care, and "Home like" care that we strive to provide for our residents and all others that enter our facility.

This educational method will lift time constraints that may hinder so many from attending the in-services that are offered through the Education Department. The process will grant the staff access to the material at anytime, through use of a personal computer or smart phone.

The subject matter will, most often be, related to subject matters and issues that focus on our facility. In-services that are required by Alta-care Co., and those required by the state of Virginia will remain mandatory for all staff and will continue to be held in the Education Room as they are scheduled.

The information that will be posted on this site will be provided, as a means of increasing the safety and quality of care that is expected from all employees, these teachings will be considered essential and reflective in all work performance evaluations.

Any updates will be relayed to you and the company as this educational site develops. If any staff member has questions, concerns, improvements, or subject matters that they would like to see addressed by the Education Dept., please feel free to notify me.

The hard work, efforts, dedication, and kindness that you display and provide to the residents, their guest, and your co-workers does not go unnoticed.

With respect,

James Jennings LPN (Staff Development and Education)

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